Stretch To Fitness

US Federal Contractor RegistrationAll bands are of the time and battle tested latex manufactured in the continuous/layered loop process. These bands are like Thera-bands on steroids. Over 100' of latex wrapped into one big rubber band to 3/16 of an inch in thickness and 41" in diameter. The only exceptions are the monster mini which is ¼" thick and the 10' long band and is 2" wide.


BAX Harness


BAX Harness - #545Z - Just put it on as you were putting on a jacket and place the stirrups under the arch of each foot.

Uses of the wearable latex (elastic) BAX® exercise harness are many. First and foremost it is for all sports for the purpose of functional strength training, increasing foot speed, agility, vertical leap, cardiac endurance. The harness is lightweight and very portable and can be carried in the hands or a backpack. Weighing less than 2 pounds, it is very durable. Cumbersome and expensive machines or weights are not required and are not necessary in an attempt to gain the similar results. Boys, girls, men and women can use this unique U. S. patented harness. One size fits all but is adjustable to accommodate the real short and the real tall. The great advantage is the fact that the harness is supported by the shoulders and torso, and continues the length of the legs on the outside of the body from under the armpit to the bottom of each foot therefore, “out of the way“, and does not restrict the natural movement of the body and offers variable resistance. From 5 to 40 pounds, the more it is stretched equals more resistance.

The BAX can be worn anywhere inside and outside for all conditioning drills. Multiple Color Combinations are Available!


Average Bands


Average Bands #951Y - 1 3/4" wide Buy a single band for stretching, ankle work and upper body strengthening. Buy a pair for lower body strengthening on squats or use with weights

Light Bands


Light Bands #950Y - 1 1/8" wide Recommended for taller athletes and beginners. Great for stretching, as well as upper lower body strengthening. Attaching them to the bar with weights will help increase lifts on squats, bench and dead lift.

Micro-Mini Band


Micro-Mini Bands 1/4" wide X 1/4" thick. The Little brother of the mini band. Great little band for youth and upper body.

Mini Bands


Mini Bands #910 (colors vary) 1/2" wide. These bands are great for upper body strengthening by themselves or when looped over the barbell and combined with weights like many world-class power and weight lifters do. Buy a pair for strengthening. Also great for agility drills when looped around the ankles and each foot.

Monster Bands


Monster Bands 4" wide. For squats. About 100#s of pressure @ 6'. Used at the center of the "Ring of Fire.



Monster-Mini Bands 1/2" wide X 1/2" thick. The big brother of the mini band. Pretty stout band. Good for bench press resistance.

Strong Bands


Strong Bands #952Y - 2 1/2" wide offering 100 lbs of resistance at the 6 foot level. Excellent for the lower body strengthening and serious ankle strengthening. A pair will provide up to 200 lbs of a squat. Recommended for advanced lifters only. Not recommended for use on barbell squats unless the lifter benches over 500 pounds.

Long Bands


Long Bands #LB102 - 10' X 2" band. About the resistance of 3
strong bands tied together at 2/3 the price. This band is great for college and high school athletes for resisted running stations, partner run and more. Check for other applications on the picture page. As with all bands a good rule of thumb is not to stretch the band more than twice its length.

Home-Travel Mini Gym


Home-Travel Mini Gym "The STF home-travel mini gym consists of 3 continuous layered latex bands, 1 door strap/anchor, 1 18"X24" color poster and 1 27 plus minute Instructional/how to use DVD." Stretching, Flexibility, Strength, Cardio. Great for (Peak Eight) or interval and cross fit type training.

Wall unit with bands


Wall unit with two (2) bands each of the micro mini, mini, light and average. GREAT VALUE!

Patent No. d607519

Squat Station Extension

Includes 3 short pipes, 1 long pipe, 2 each of the light and strong bands, and 3 average bands. Package includes, a quick release strap that holds the bands on the shoulders, and all hardware for necessary installation. (DOES NOT INCLUDE THE STEP STOOL) . Must be installed on concrete, cement block or wood studded 2X4 walls. For other installation, contact a reputable carpenter or someone skilled in the knowledge of the building trades.